Case studies

  • Internet television development
    Development of video tool with extended functionalities for an American and European full-service interactive agency, producing online and mobile video, web 2.0 and social media solutions.
  • Azure based CRM system
    Customization of the existing corporate portal software for HR Company possessing distributed offices network round the globe as well as employees of various locations.
  • Corporate integrated business system
    Migration of internal Java/Java EE based applications and tools to Microsoft SharePoint because of company extention and increased number of business processes.
  • DealFinder application development
    The development of shopping comparison web application focusing on eBay, Amazon, etc., which had to comprise Querty application, Addltem application and Findltems Advanced application.
  • Enterprise management system development
    Development of of online multi-tenant document management system that permits companies to register, log in and share documents online, collaborate and manage certain business processes.
  • Enterprise internal training portal
    The development of the on-line system of trainings and seminars, that allowed to all the employees of IT Consulting Company to pass the course within the company and on-the-job.
  • Financial data analysis application development
    The development of the scalable large application for real-time stock financial indicators processing with the key features: data collecting, evaluation. The solution previewed admin management portal.
  • Free advertisements portal
    Development and delivery of a scalable high load portal of free advertisements with rich user interface and powerful management area for small locall business.
  • HiConversion e-optimizer
    Client-side development of HiConversion’s e-Optimizer (a conversion rate optimization solution for online marketers and merchants who look to make more money without having to drive more traffic).
  • Ratings and risks management and reporting system
    Reorganization and improvement of the existing system of rating, risks, fees and stock creation; editing, analyzing and managing large amounts of information concerning these entities.