How We Work

At Concept Soft we are convinced that each software development project should get individual approach. Although all cases get our proper control, it is evident that large-scale developments are processed with a more complex structure, than small ones.

What characterizes all our methods is:

  • Absolute transparency of the process to the customer;
  • Close cooperation and regular communication;
  • Our flexibility and complete customer orientation.

Our company team is trained and capable in several software development methodologies, but most commonly sticks to Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

In cases when certain corrective actions are previewed on the project, we will surely suggest you Agile methodology as a one making development really flexible.

Working under Agile model we divide the whole project in so called sprints and at the end of each sprint we hold general meeting with the participation of the team members and the customer. This event is designed to review the available results and define the scope and timeframes for the following sprint.

This is how it works:

Waterfall methodology is ideal for the projects with defined and approved specification. The development process is split into interdependent phases which logically “flow” into one another.

The cycle begins with requirement phase. After comprehensive analysis of your business concepts, requirements and target market we suggest the best technical solution of project realization.

Based on the information collected, business architecture analysis, and project requirements definitions, we create a detailed proposal outlining entire project scope description, development costs, deliverables, and milestones.

The proposal will be provided to you for review. Upon its approval we will move to the design phase, including architecture and interface representation.

Design phase is followed by implementation with functionality and UI development, actual coding of the software components and their integration. Verification and testing becomes the next step before deployment and delivery to the customer. We provide ongoing technical support of the developed product on the phase of maintenance.

Feel free to send us your RFP, we will analyse your requirements and choose the most appropriate methodology for your project realization.