Why Outsource With Concept Soft

It is up to our customers to decide if we are the best. We just insist on being different than other IT services providers.

So why outsource at Concept Soft:

  • Close contact with the client

Since our success greatly depends on the success of our customers, our prior aim is to build trusted and long-term relations with you. Our every activity moves around understanding your needs and delivering you the right solution. It is the desire to help you to achieve your goals that makes us your reliable partner. 85% of our customers become our regulars.

  • Deep analysis of the product

We start working only after serious expertise and deep analysis of customer’s business processes. And to make sure that you get a worthy product and to avoid all risks we keep controlling the development during the whole project life-cycle.

  • Top-quality

At Concept Soft we care about high quality of our services. We guarantee the on-time delivery of the programming code that is easy to maintain and extend. Concept Soft team starts with detailed requirements analysis and deliver the solutions that meet and even exceed your expectations. We accompany the developed IT applications with the necessary technical documentation.

  • Professional team

Every person at Concept Soft is skilled and experienced specialist and, of course, keen on technology. Our main and only aim is to make you benefit from the advanced IT technologies using all our professionalism and expertise.

  • Moderate rates

Delivering top-class services we help you to save investments as well. Still, we do not compete on the basis of pricing and do not provide “cheap” services. But being located in the region of lower operational costs, we charge competitive rates in comparison with on-site teams.

In brief, when your hire Concept Soft, you will:

  • Solve the problem of your IT skills shortage;
  • Significantly save your budget (generally overseas projects cost 3 times lower);
  • Focus on your core business.

Get pleasantly convinced how outsourcing at Concept Soft will improve your business processes.