Our Company Profile

Concept Soft is a trusted offshore software development company. Our main office is located in Belarus - the geographical center of Europe.

Our company provides a wide range of professional IT outsourcing services, helping you to keep up with changing business requirements and achieve your objectives with robust and efficient software solutions.

We suggest flexible payment methods – you can choose any of three: fixed cost, time and material, dedicated team. Being 100% client-oriented, we can modify the chosen method at any stage of our cooperation and adjust it to your needs and requirements.

Cooperating with Concept Soft you are sure to augment your profits as:

  • We offer end to end software development solutions of different complexity;
  • Only experienced IT professionals will work on developing your application;
  • You will have entire control over the development process.

We are always available when you need us. Contact us and ascertain how Concept Soft will make IT useful for your business.

With years of experience in web and desktop software development Concept Soft has worked out fine-tuned processes with the following engagement models:

Dedicated team

- You need IT development team dedicated to you only?
- Your project is continuous and you want the team remains the same for the whole workflow?
- Certain trainings and adapting to work will be required?

When you set up an offshore development team within our company, you get the team of specialists (project managers, UI specialists, architects, developers, and QA engineers) matching your exact technical and business requirements.

The dedicated team at Concept Soft will become your remotely located staff, working during your time zone business hours and directly under your control. 

With Offshore Development Center at Concept Soft you will enjoy the following benefits:

- seamless collaboration between offshore and onsite staff;
- fixed monthly fee for the team;
- significant cost saving compared to on-site developers;
- highly competent and experienced resources (85% of Concept Soft personnel have Master Degree);
- easy project management and regular status report;
- convenient communication by email, IM, through voice/video meetings.

Virtual staffing at Concept Soft will help you to deal with the issue of costs cutting, while the responsibility of employing and supervision rests with us.

So, do contact us to get additional information on the opportunity to hire a team highly customizable to your needs.

Fixed budget projects

For cases when detailed requirements and scope are available Concept Soft offers Fixed Budget Development Model. This model is preferred for small and mid size developments and for projects when no changes are expected.

We will analyze your requirements thoroughly and create development plan at a very detailed level.
Project implementation phase will be totally visible to you: with the help of project management tools and regular reports you will be informed about development activity progress.  Upon product delivery this model of development envisages a 3 months' guarantee period and ongoing support to perform certain modifications and updates.

What you get if you choose Fixed Budget Development Model at Concept Soft:

- complete control over the project budget: the development scope is estimated at the start.
- milestones-based payment schedule: you monitor achieved progress.
- high quality product by the specified deadline: the project scope and time-frames are fixed.

Since you may face the situation when the scope is hard to be defined in terms of effort and time, we at Concept Soft have previewed other development models and recommend you hiring Concept Soft Dedicated Team or work under Time & Material Business Mode.

Time and Materials

For the cases when final outset of project requirements cannot be specified, but you have step by step tasks we suggest Time and Material engagement model as the best way of cooperation. This model is perfect for long-duration projects since the scope of requirements as well as the team workload and size can vary greatly within the project realization.

Choosing Time and Material Model at Concept Soft you will get:

  • Increased control over implementation;
  • Possibility to change the requirements within the project;
  • High flexibility (ability to extend the team  if needed);
  • Opportunity to communicate directly to each team member within the project realization;
  • You pay only for expended resources and time.

Contact us for more information about this engagement model. Or send us your Request for Proposal. We will analyze your requirements, estimate the needed resources and make technical proposal within 2 business days.

At Concept Soft we stick to the best practices of doing business. So we use advanced security methodologies and tools to protect customers’ privacy. While our security organized infrastructure makes impossible any data loss.

To guarantee absolute data protection we offer you to work over the following agreements:

- IPR - intellectual property rights agreement;
- NDA - non-disclosure agreement;

We understand how it is important to find a trustworthy partner that understands your problems and knows how to solve them. We are here to be your first step on the way to success!

We do not deny our “youth” – we find only positive arguments in it.

Among the most important ones is our strong desire to progress: our specialists are constantly extending their background. That is why we live and breathe technology.

At Concept Soft we have serious approach to staff recruitment to employ the best people and guarantee that only skilled, experienced and perfectly-coordinated professionals analyze your business, develop and test your software application.

Concept Soft personnel:

  • Every team member possesses University degree of Computer or Mathematics Science;
  • Senior Developers and Project Managers have extensive expertise in large-scale projects;
  • All project members are fluent English speakers and have fine communicational skills.

Our primary aim is to consult, develop and move your business using our own experience and well-known advanced technologies. Every person at Concept Soft is a skilled and experienced specialist. Due to the vast desire to deliver you a worthy solution and strong team spirit our business analytics, designers, architects, software developers, QA testers and project managers work in close cooperation to achieve the best result.

We stand for:

  • Latest technologies;
  • Professional training;
  • Qualified resources;
  • Turning challenging tasks into easy solutions.

Hiring Concept Soft, you get:

  • Access to specialized skills and cutting-edge technologies at your service;
  • Reduced development budget;
  • Seamless integration with your onsite staff;
  • Flexible development team and lots of other benefits that will surely make you enjoy the cooperation with our company.

Since quality is never an accident, we keep on mastering our skills and are respected by our customers for our professionalism and effectiveness.