Azure based CRM system

Customer: Under NDA

Solution: Concept Soft possesses advanced experience in providing corporate solutions for HR domain, especially for enterprises having distributed location.

Thanks to this background we identified company's needs that were not satisfied by their custom made on-premises application.

Top priority was to combine employees’ vacancies management process with end customer communication process, and deliver highly scalable solution.

Concept Soft specialists have suggested the development from the ground of rich and convenient portal with collaboration abilities and CRM integration.

Our final solution possesses the following features:

  • free accounts for vacancies;
  • customers subscription;
  • special offers;
  • completely automated business process with customers;
  • management and pre review abilities for vacancies;
  • uploading and processing documents with media attachments.

The system provides as well the possibility of subscription for free-lancers and internal team management (for coordination of remote resources; this feature is the reason for the application growth and consequently of a new cloud application).

The developed application is extremely scalable and effective thanks to SOA principles on Azure platform.

The problem of the absence of required IT infrastructure was completely solved by cloud platform based solution. On-demand CRM and portal plus collaboration ready software from Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Demand and SharePoint Online.

The choice of these products implied the use of Microsoft Windows Azure. Custom processing using CRM features from one of the most effective CRM solutions using SaaS model with SharePoint.

For vacancies preliminary processing and upload we have applied Azure Web Roles. Internal vacancies processing is organized with Worker Roles and Service Bus (SOA). Internal HR company employees portal with: forms for vacancies and processing, common document management and search and collaboration within distributed remote offices across the world.

The portal provides space for free-lancers as well – with special account: customer and internal; with project management, in-team collaboration, news, feeds, etc.

Web Roles are realized with load-balancer, worker roles for vacancies analysis interact over service bus. Access Control Service for easy implementation of restricted access for internal employees, customers and vacancy-employees – resources, and free-lancers.

Integration with CRM and SharePoint using benefits of the top vendor. For relational data storing and querying SQL Services are used. The application previews blob storage for uploaded attachments.

The new-built portal contributed successfully in customer’s business evolving with minimal investments in IT infrastructure.

Technologies.NETMicrosoft Windows Azure (Azure Compute; AppFabric: Service Bus, Access Control Service; SQL Services; Storage: Blob Storage, Queue Storage), SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Demand.

Customization of the existing corporate portal software for HR Company possessing distributed offices network round the globe as well as employees of various locations.