Corporate integrated business system

Customer: Internal

Solution: to ease migration process and to integrate the whole enterprise system we chose Oracle Service Bus (OSB) as a known effective middleware solution. 

Taking into consideration that our system was SOA principles based we could use benefits of service bus.

Currently we’ve launched some business tasks in SharePoint environment. And some tasks are still being executed in legacy system. We try to aggregate most of business processes in SharePoint.

So we connected existed CRM, JIRA project management and web site publishing using appropriate OSB protocols to SharePoint. We used Oracle Service Bus advanced connectivity capabilities and message transformation, routing and reporting functions.

Though Oracle Service Bus Management facilitates integration, actual implementation requires considered architecture solution. We developed and tuned the communication flow, including advantages of internal message routing, loop and branching processing, data enrichment, synchronous/asynchronous messaging model, XML transformations, alerts,reporting and logging. We also used EJB direct connectivity feature for our outbound business services.

The key benefit of our solution was the low cost of migration and optimized internal business process making our company activity more efficient.

The use of Oracle Service Bus facilitated the development of reliable and loose coupling system ready for further evolution in compliance of company needs.

Technologies: Oracle Service Bus 11g,  WebLogic 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Java EE (EJB, JMS, JNDI, RMI,  Axis2).

Project workload: 2 months.

Migration of internal Java/Java EE based applications and tools to Microsoft SharePoint because of company extention and increased number of business processes.