Enterprise internal training portal

Customer: Under NDA

Solution: after deep analysis of knowledge and skills that are requested in the company, Concept Soft team has developed the on-line system of seminars and trainings.

The employees obtained the access to the system, chose the domain (as the company has a great number of directions of its activity) they were asked to study and had to pass the seminars program including lectures and interactive studies.

After each part of the course, they had to pass an interactive test that displayed the results and stored them within the system and were accessible for administration only.

The main feature of the project was the possibility for the customer to control the whole training process of each worker, to analyze his results and depending on them either proposes the employee to continue the trainings or to stop.

The program has helped the company to increase the level of professionalism of the collaborators without great loses of investments.

Technologies: ASP.NET, SubSonic, Telerik RAD, MS SQL 2005, Ajax. 

Project workload: 3 months.

The development of the on-line system of trainings and seminars, that allowed to all the employees of IT Consulting Company to pass the course within the company and on-the-job.