Enterprise management system development

Customer: Under NDA

Solution: our company responsibilities on the project: design and development of online multi-tenant document management system characterized by:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • high scalability and productivity;
  • ready for evolution;
  • possesses additional API for further user integration.

Our solution is the service that permits companies to register, log in and share documents online, collaborate and manage certain business processes.

The developed service is used as SaaS – it is accessible as web application via the browser. There is an alternative for companies already possessing their corporate management application: the service is used as PaaS – customer's existing applications are integrated with the service via service API (the possibility of integration with customer's local IT infrastructure). For security reasons the documents may be encrypted transparently for the user.

Among other application features the following may be stated:

  • various subscription plans;
  • strong security model and encryption;
  • advanced intelligent repository search;
  • easy but powerful document management and versioning;
  • multi-language support.

For certain reasons we have chosen Alfresco document management system with MongoDB: enormous customers' data volumes may be stored and scaled, and analyzed in future versions.

Thanks to Alfresco the system became:

  • Flexible;
  • Was easy to start;
  • Customizable multi-tenant;
  • Possibility of dynamic evolution;
  • Rich collaboration tools;
  • Scalability – when the system grows – its efficiency will not be lost.

Alfresco provides the possibilities of documents storing and processing. A powerful search in Alfresco is enhanced by Solr and includes: 

  • faceting;
  • stemming;
  • suggestions.

The developed system possesses possibilities of:

  • base workflow management and collaboration;
  • messaging and notifications are based on Amazon SQS and SES;
  • isolated (optionally) and securable (including data  encryption) accounts  with load balancing and performance indicators monitoring;
  • Alfresco based user portal;
  • integrated payments.

The application previews management per account/tenant/service. Being highly demanded by end users – the development of such Enterprise Management System proved to be right investments and had positive ROI.

Technologies: Java, Amazon AWS (EC2, EBS, S3 buckets, SQS, DevPay, SES), Alfresco, MongoDB, Solr, Spring (IoC, MVC, Security, AOP, WS, RESTful WS), Tomcat 7.0.

Development of of online multi-tenant document management system that permits companies to register, log in and share documents online, collaborate and manage certain business processes.