Free advertisements portal

Customer: Local small business

Solution: Concept Soft team started the project with the close cooperation with the customer. After requirements collection and detailed analysis, Concept Soft Business Analyst has delivered development specification to customer for approval. Based on this document Concept Soft has developed and delivered scalable solution, which totally satisfies customer’s expectations.

Among core portal features, the following may be stated:

  • Easy and efficient user interaction workflows and user interface;
  • Extensible taxonomy;
  • Detailed and easy product description by rich parameter sets;
  • Relevant parameterized and full-text search;
  • Powerful management area;
  • Banner advertising geo and content targeting;
  • Internationalization support;
  • Advanced differentiated possibilities for legal units and individual persons.

Technologies: Spring Security, Solr, Hiberhate, Dojo script, MySQL, TomCat, Spring rest, Web services, HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Project workload: 4 months

Development and delivery of a scalable high load portal of free advertisements with rich user interface and powerful management area for small locall business.