Integrated ERP system

Customer: Under NDA



Solution: customer required to ensure reliable, easy scalable and maintainable interconnection between SAP ERP (including Financial and Management Accounting), Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management. 

This integration scheme included wiring such business processes as order to cash, opportunity to quote, product and customer data repositories synchronization and management.

Based on our rich expertise of middleware vendors’ products we proposed most rapid and effective solution with use of Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA). 

AIA offers prebuilt solutions at the data, process, and user interface level, brining integration to a higher level of complexity with lowering costs. 

Oracle Application Integration Architecture is hosted across Oracle SOA Suite environment on WebLogic servers.

Our solution architecture was based on intensive use of Process Integration Packs and partially Foundation Pack functionality from AIA products complex. Process Integration Packs (PIPs) are prebuilt packaged integrations that support composite business processes across both Oracle and non-Oracle applications. 

Foundation Pack is business process composition framework that provides the architectural and programming model on which AIA users can develop standardized, cross-application process integrations.

Ultimately our company realized full integration cycle including deep requirements analysis, software infrastructure and environment setup, integration development, quality assurance, comprehensive documenting, technical support and on demand tuning. 

Our considered solution lowered integration costs, optimized internal process and allowed the customer to derive maximum benefits from their business automation investments.

Technologies: Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle AIA 11g, WebLogic 11g, Oracle RDBMS 10g, Java EE (JNDI, JMS, RMI).

Project workload: 2 months.

Integration of the existing SAP and Oracle products into reliable and easy scalable interconnection between SAP ERP, Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management.