Online appointment booking system

Customer: WAPA Translations

Solution: according to product specification the designed software should meet advanced requirements:

  • Google Maps for location (where it is possible);
  • Audio/Video streaming;
  • Payment processing systems integration;
  • Subscription system integration;
  • Search by distance;
  • Overall system scalability and stability.

And consist of the following conceptual modules:

  1. Interpreter booking on Location;
  2. Interpreter online Video Interpreting.

The development of the product permitted to use customer’s current stuff and get additional revenue with the same resources investments.

TechnologiesJava, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, XML, SOAP, FreeMarker, Flex, Apache, Tomcat, Red5, Blesta, Google Map, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, XML.

Project workload: Architecture Engineer, Lead Developers, 2 Java Developers, Project Managers, QA Engineer/ 6 months.

Development of an open SAAS application of booking as a client (who requires online/onsite translation services) and as an interpreter, integrated with Google Maps.