Ratings and risks management and reporting system

Customer: Under NDA



Solution: after deep analyzing of the customer’s business, Concept Soft team hasn't only described the whole data process in the system, but managed to create a distributed application corresponding to all the customer’s requirements.

The main feature of the project realization was screen applications unloading for maximally convenient data management and saving full functionality of each system screens.

As the customer’s business is distributed and is situated in different geographic locations and the developed project is oriented at any location, it was decided to divide all related data for each of them and create a possibility of editing such data through the application.

Moreover high company’s internal safety, strict staff functional group and department division lead to realization of users’ roles in the system, and user’s groups with concrete levels of access to the data as well as to realization of functional departments, each of which had its own data and business rules.

The data flow in the system was realized by multiple steps, at each step the data was supposed to be analyzed by the system and certain users and transferred further according to the rules of work flow or back for additional processing.

Each of the data processing steps has its own set of rules and limitations that are different for each segment and department.

The main feature of the project was narrow integration with different external systems at each data processing step.

The importance of the processed information left Concept Soft no chance but create a 100% non-crash system where if there is any deviation or error either external or internal the system must work without any data loss.

The customer had strict technical and speed requirements for the report realization. Thus report generation was in the following formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF.

The speed limitation for any report generation was one minute, whereas the size of the data used for the report generation was measured by gigabytes. Thorough developers’ and optimizers’ work helped reduce the time of all reports to 20 seconds.

Moreover the customer’s view of the data editor system was similar to Microsoft Excel, where most of data is presented in table format and where a user can change any of it really quickly.

To realize this functionality Ext JS component was taken as a base and was adapted according to the project’s requirements.

High level of this component use made it possible to manage the data in a convenient way, and Ext JS adapting to Ajax excluded necessity of page reloading and made it possible to edit data really quickly.

Technologies: J2EE, EJB, Oracle 10g, Hibernate, Struts, Velocity, Ext JS, Ajax, Axis, RPC, Esheet, POI.

Project workload: 7 months

Reorganization and improvement of the existing system of rating, risks, fees and stock creation; editing, analyzing and managing large amounts of information concerning these entities.