Save.TV Android application

Customer: Save.TV Ltd

Solution: based on extensive expertise and best development practices Concept Soft specialists have developed the solution that perfectly meets customer’s key requirements:

  1. product for Android platform with the support for entire Android devices line;
  2. attractive EPG;
  3. streaming from the archive and XL features for XL customers;
  4. recording programming for all customers and non-users.

Among other features the developed applications possess the following:

  • registration / login;
  • e-mail reminder function and administration;
  • age verification.

We put the mobile users in complete control by allowing them to program and manage their recordings. The possibility of «My Channels» creation permits to select custom set of channels (with defined broadcastings) that will be tracked and recorded.

Save.TV mobile applications are distributed free of charge through the Android shop.

Technologies: SOAP, XML, ksoap2 library/IDEA.

Project workload: 2 months/2 developers, 1 QA engineer.

Development of Android based mobile solution of Save.TV application to provide these platform users with mobile access to the previously developed website via interactive application.