Content Management System

Content management system (CMS) is a combination of workflow and technology that helps organizations manage documents and other unstructured information, such as email, graphics, audio and video files, office automation documents, forms, reports, and XML.

Concept Soft CMS solutions are delivered to help your organization enhance the efficiency of data management and operational productivity by means of the automated control over the business processes within your company.

Our ECM solution will help you to integrate manifold content from the diversity of sources into a single centralized system with accurate classification of data. We aim to develop content management solutions able to process huge amounts of information from the initial file generation to its utilization or archiving.

Concept Soft provides services for both Open Source and commercial CMS. Our services include:

  • CMS development, support and maintenance;
  • CMS customization and modification;
  • Integration with other enterprise solutions, etc.

We analyze and assess the unique needs of your business to choose the best and more profitable for you way of CMS implementation. Either it will be the development of a new CMS from scratch or extending your already existing CMS with new functionality in accordance with your business requirements.

In any way Concept Soft services will help you to facilitate the enterprise data management by means of robust and cost-efficient content management solution that will fully meet your specific business needs.


Case Studies

Development of Gaydar iPhone multimedia entertaining application to create fun image collages with the usage of cropped faces for mass audience.
Development of video tool with extended functionalities for an American and European full-service interactive agency, producing online and mobile video, web 2.0 and social media solutions.