Public Healthcare Sector

Public Healthcare Sector needs special attention. In this domain IT solutions are not only used to increase operational efficiency but also enhance speed and quality of services. That is mission-critical as concerns ensuring people’s life and health.

The development of software solutions for hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and diagnostic centers is one of Concept Soft core competences.

We provide innovative solutions for public healthcare institutions that fully meet your industry-specific requirements. Our solutions help optimize data management, reduce the number of claims and medical errors and enable efficient and secure informational exchange within your organization.

Our area of expertise in public healthcare sector includes but not limited to the development, customization and integration of the following solutions:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM);
  • Hospital management system;
  • Patient management system / patient information system;
  • Medical billing & coding solution;
  • Patient and insurance information services;
  • Electronic health records systems;
  • Lab information and blood bank management systems.

We help healthcare organizations to optimize their services by means of robust and cost-efficient software solutions.

So if you have a related need, or want to get additional information about our offshore development services in healthcare domain don’t hesitate to contact us.