The constantly increasing number of users, that has recently reached the number of 50 million, proves Blackberry’s exceptional suitability for business users. The reason is obvious: this handheld device provides broader access to resources that help businesses collaborate in today's fast-paced world.

RIM Blackberry – is wireless solution with integrated phone, SMS, personal digital assistant functionalities, browser and organizer applications, and other advanced possibilities.

Our company has a team of BlackBerry developments experts who will help you keep your business up to speed.

Concept Soft services include:

  • Development of custom applications for Blackberry handsets;
  • QA Testing;
  • Ongoing support of delivered solutions.

Our BlackBerry business solutions provide collaboration with CRM, ERPIntranet access, Instant Messaging and other applications that are important for your business.

Working with Concept Soft excellent skills pool you get obvious benefits:

  • Our solutions meet your business needs;
  • Our development team uses cutting-edge technologies and industrial benchmark process to make you take advantage of the full potential of your phone;
  • We help you save your time and effortlessly manage your business and leverage its productivity.

To inquire about outsourcing BlackBerry application developments at Concept Soft Company please email us at