Java ME

Due to its main advantage – the support of multitude of platforms – Java Micro Edition has gained its firm position on the market. Obviously, we didn’t keep out of the peak of Java ME popularity and built a strong expertise in this domain.

At Concept Soft we will make you explore an endless range of Java ME platform possibilities, which cover a wide range of applications starting with entertainment games and up to innovative applications at global level.

We offer professional mobile development services to expand the utility of your mobile phones and meet goals in your business and communication. Our development engineers have leveraged Java ME benefits, such as platform independence, power and potential access to a large quantity of data to provide you with worthy product.

Our expert team keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in technology and is experienced in utilizing Java ME Framework, MIDP and additional APIs (Mobile Media API, Wireless Messaging API, Java ME Web Services APIs, Security and Trust Services API for Java ME).

You are welcome to come up with your business ideas and opt for any of the suggested engagement models to get your Java ME application developed by Concept Soft team.