Customer Relationship Management

Deep analysis and comprehension of the client’s business structure and expert project realization help Concept Soft deliver competitive CRM solutions to fully correspond the ever-changing business needs of our customers.

Taking into account specific details of your project (i.e. time schedule, budget, etc.) we provide a complex set of services and professional assistance at all stages of CRM implementation:

  • From scratch development and deployment;
  • Customization of already existing CRM solutions both open source and commercial (Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM and other);
  • CRM integration;
  • CRM solution reengineering;
  • Support and consulting.

As a result you will get a high-capacity, profitable, scalable and easy-to-use CRM solution which helps you:

  • Intensify all sales stages;
  • Minimize the risks of IT investments;
  • Benefit from efficient management of business processes within your company;
  • Understand market and customers’ requirements to timely revise your marketing strategy when there is a certain business need.

To begin constructive dialogue upon your project and let Concept Soft Team understand your business requirements simply contact us. All primary consultations and preliminary business analyses are free of charge for our customers. 

Case Studies

Development of project management system (PMS) for translation agencies. This system has been designed as SaaS product to assist translation companies in management of translation process.
Customization of the existing corporate portal software for HR Company possessing distributed offices network round the globe as well as employees of various locations.