Advanced Solutions

Progressive technology introduces multitude of challenges and at the same time provides powerful opportunities.

At Concept Soft we unite engineering expertise, our truly integrated set of services with newest technologies to deliver you custom software solutions to enable you to leverage business.

Large data solutions

Solutions for storing, processing and analyzing large amounts of data (up to petabytes) based:
  • Replication and sharing of classical RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL,PostgreSQL);
  • Using powerful and high performance NoSQL DBMS (significantly faster than RDBMS performance, easy scalability, easystoring/querying extremely large data with linear scaling factor like:

- Apache Cassandracombines best from BigTable and Dynamo, fast write/read, column oriented, easy scalable (auto sharding), fault-tolerant (including auto replication);
- MongoDBdocument oriented, more close to RDBMS, high performance, easy scalable (auto sharding), fault-tolerant.

  • Processing and analyzing of large data amounts using Map/Reduce pattern based on Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache Pig.
  • Advanced analysis using Apache Mahout for clustering, filtering, recommendations, shopping recommendations, predictive analytics and data mining.
  • Powerful search possibilities for your application using Solr search engine including faceting, stemming, multi-language support, geo search.

High load solutions

Powerful search possibilities for your application using Solr search engine including faceting, stemming, multi-language support, geo search.
  • Design and development of easy scalable, loose coupled, distributed software architectures using best practices and company experience: e.g. vertical and horizontal scaling, replication/sharding, Map/Reduce, SOA, SOA-EDA, software cluster abilities, optimal services distribution across cluster nodes;
  • Design and development of distributed application with possibility of effective integration including our middleware expertise;
  • Using power of Terracotta Cluster for easy and transparent scaling (clustering) of almost any Java based application;
  • Adaptive load balancing of data streams between system’s computer nodes using such instruments like HAProxy or cloud based Amazon Elastic Load-Balancers (ELB);
  • Cluster self-monitoring tools integration with rich end-user reporting and notifications;
  • In-development and post production clustered system analyzing, monitoring performance indicators and detecting bottle-necks with the ability of early notification and on-the-fly reconfiguration, system tuning.

Scalability CDN solutions

For high scalability distributed solutions including the use of Content Delivery Network we insist on cloud computing services utilization. Concept Soft domain expertise covers:
  • Detecting better suiting cloud vendor out of the top spread, considering their pros and cons: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine;  
  • Utilization of cloud service infrastructure based on customer’s requirements considering opportunity of easy migration to physical servers;
  • Cloud configuration and application development and deployment, including composing, configuring and optimizing cluster units.

Enterprise applications

Building enterprise level applications based on the leading products from well-known vendors:
  • Powerful document management systems like Alfresco, Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint to satisfy the needs of web and corporate management, versioning, media content management, business process and document workflow management;
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Services for organizing and development of rich enterprise collaboration portals.

ERP support for your business using Microsoft Dynamics (including cloud version for integration).
Concept Soft team will architect and develop solutions that will enable you to solve most important business goals and automate the workflow inside and outside the organization. 



Case Studies

Development of of online multi-tenant document management system that permits companies to register, log in and share documents online, collaborate and manage certain business processes.
The development of shopping comparison web application focusing on eBay, Amazon, etc., which had to comprise Querty application, Addltem application and Findltems Advanced application.
The development of the scalable large application for real-time stock financial indicators processing with the key features: data collecting, evaluation. The solution previewed admin management portal.