Cloud Computing

To operate effectively in conditions of modern business you need to have a highly scalable IT infrastructure that will quickly respond to growing demands.

That is exactly what cloud computing guarantees. But before your business can benefit from cloud computing, you need to have an application that will run in the «cloud».

Concept Soft is ready to undertake the development, implementation and support of cloud-based applications.

Cloud computing refers to computers and applications that run on remote servers and are accessible over the Internet. At present there is no longer need to develop in-house IT infrastructure, as long as with cloud computing you will:

  •  Simply «rent» the use of the resources, obtain unlimited performance and storage capacities;
  •  Scale your infrastructure: use its capacity in line with your business demand;
  •  Pay only for resources that you actually use: your costs increase only as your business grows.

Concept Soft team recommends cloud computing as a rational option for businesses that face both ups and downs, as long as it provides the possibility to boost available resources and scale down again once it is no longer required. Our specialists are experienced and ready to assist you with applications implementation on major cloud platforms:

Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing brings you indisputable advantage in terms of making your business more profitable. What you will really need are the services of professional integrator to develop, deploy and maintain your application in the «cloud».

Concept Soft has a rich history of development of high-load scalable enterprise applications and their further deployment and maintenance utilizing the following Amazon Web Services:
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2):

Concept Soft recommends the service as a resizable compute capacity in the cloud that allows configuring your computing environment in accordance with changes of your requirements. The service provides you with a complete control over your instances and allows to increase and decrease capacity within the shortest time. Moreover since the service provides a choice of software and hardware our specialists will configure highly productive environment based on your individual needs.

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3):

The service provides the possibilities of primary data storage and retrieval, and is often used for backup by Concept Soft specialists. Our experience lets us integrate the service with your solution or realize persistence with the use of S3.

  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS):

When working with Amazon EC2 Concept Soft specialist uses Amazon EBS service for highly reliable storage volumes.

  • Elastic Load Balancing:

To distribute incoming traffic across Amazon EC2 instances, and thus to achieve greater fault tolerance in the applications, Concept Soft uses Elastic Load Balancing service provided by Amazon. Placing customer's compute behind Elastic Load Balancer Elastic Load Balancer automatically balances the traffic across multiple instances and multiple availability zones.

  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS):

The service provides the possibility to set up, operate and scale relational database in the cloud.

  • Amazon SimpleDB:

With the view to offload the database management of customers' high-load applications, Concept Soft specialists utilize Amazon SimpleDB service: flexible and scalable non-relational data store. The service permits to simply store data via web services requests, with no need to predefine schemes or replace older ones.

Besides this, Concept Soft specialists possess the proper experience in integration with such services as:

  • Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS)
  • Amazon Fulfillment Web Service (Amazon FWS)

Concept Soft is fully equipped with background and expertise to take on the development of your business application and its integration in the cloud.

Windows Azure

Being one of the leading companies in cloud computing services domain, we help our customers to discover new horizons and opportunities for their business.

Concept Soft team has advanced technical background and applies best practices when building high performance enterprise-level applications in compliance with Windows Azure infrastructure and API features.

Concept Soft specialists recognize the effectiveness of Microsoft Cloud Solution for the benefits that the platform provides:
  • Scalable hosting environment (Windows Azure Computer);
  • Persistent and durable storage (Windows Azure Storage);
  • Highly available cloud database with no physical administration (Microsoft SQL Azure Database);
  • Set of networking functionalities (Windows Azure Virtual Network);
  • Infrastructure maintenance massive cost saving – you pay only for the resources you need.

Our Azure services include both porting of your existing application to Windows Azure and custom development of web applications to host on Azure platform.

We are ready to present you more advantages that Windows Azure will bring to your business. Don't put off contacting us – Concept Soft experts possess the proper expertise and experience with the entire scope of Windows Azure services to move your solution to the cloud platform and relieve you from system management and administration.

Google Application Engine

Concept Soft has a team of software development experts that are totally focused on Google Apps Engine – a cloud computing platform provided by one of the industry leaders.

Concept Soft specialists utilize the platform for developing and hosting customers' scalable and reliable web applications in Google data centers.

Our experts do their best when offering you both: moving your business applications on to the Engine or designing and developing new solution to host on App Engine Platform.

Having worked with and compared back to back some of hosting services providers, we'd like to emphasize on the features that differ GAE platform from the other:
  • first of all, integration with many of Google offerings – Gmail, Docs, Calendars, IM, etc.;
  • the platform is free up to a certain level of involved resources;
  • no set-up costs or recurring fees – you pay only for what you use;
  • the platform provides more infrastructure to write scalable applications.
Concept Soft team is specialized in GAE based developments using Java environment. Based on your requirements our experts will design and build you custom product to leverage the power of Google App Engine and help you benefit from the advantages of the Engine.
So, please drop us an email to get free consulting and find out more about Google App Engine developments services that Concept Soft will offer you.