Reengineering & Research

We offer you a full range of reengineering services including:

1. Business process reengineering (our team conduct a detailed research of your system, investigate possible ways of its improvement and develop solution that would meet your current business requirements);

2. Migration of customer’s software application onto newer technologies:

      • Database and application server migration and customization;
      • Language migration;
      • Application functionality upgrade and enhancement.

Concept Soft reengineering services help you to:

  • Reduce costs – software reengineering cost in most cases is less significant than new software developing costs;
  • Increase efficiency – the redesign of your application business processes will make the system more efficient and responsive;
  • Ensure continuity of business processes – since your new system is based on business logics of the original application.

However it is the case of a great deal of projects when unscheduled features are added and requirements are changed. Such actions render the code structure extremely messy and unmanageable. This results in an application which is hard to maintain. From developer’s point of view, this results in problematic modification implementations. This is the reason we highly recommend our code refactoring services.

So, what do we get when refactor?

In the process of code structure and design improvement Concept Soft team render the code: more maintainable, easier to modify and easier to add new features.

We do not proclaim refactoring as panacea for all software diseases – we just consider it as an effective tool that is applied for certain purposes.

Would like to inquire how your software reengineering would be – feel free to reach us.